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Track your carbon footprint, see how you can contribute to various green projects and earn Jejak token in return. An overall new innovation you cannot miss.

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Our Mission

What is JejakApp

JejakApp is created to enable users worldwide, an easy access for volunteers to be able to participate in sustainable, and environmental projects to help protect the earth, achieve NDC and help climate change. JejakApp is made seamless, transparent, and interactive for users to experience the fun in change, and in creating these new sustainable habits.

The app enables you to calculate your carbon footprint, take actions to mitigate, reduce, and offset those footprints as your action towards fighting climate change.

Besides having to calculate > take actions> and receive report analysis, this app as well provide in app games, missions and immersive digital experience for you to explore and have fun with!

The immersive experience in the app, also known as JejakVerse is a digital world platform built in to show you the whole visual of programs you find in the app! Allowing you to walk around, explore, and see activities we carry out in the digital World just as how we do, in the real world.

Bringing technology and nature together. Aligning the effort to give back to nature.

Contribute. Track. Earn.

Jejak Token Logo

Jejak Token

The In-app mission and challenges will contribute to your ability to receive Jejak Token.  
These tokens will have several utilities and benefits that can be used to contribute to green and sustainability projects within our web 3.0 ecosystem.
Carbon Carlculator

Carbon Calculator

Get to know your carbon footprint through our integrated carbon calculator feature and keep in track of your own emissions with an aim to take further action in mitigating its impact on the environment.
Carbon Offset Logo

Carbon Offset

Offset your emissions as an effort to balance the carbon footprints created, help prevent the negative effects on climate, and improve air quality.
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By contributing to offset your emissions, we are helping to create a larger green space and a sustainable future. Enhance atmosphere condition and return back oxygen to nature.
waste management icon

Waste management

An aim to create an environmentally friendly solution and sustainable ecosystem with the use of technology.In this program, we strive to improve the productivity of waste value chain for the society.
EV Logo

EV - Electric Vehicle

Building tech-driven energy network infrastructure and solutions.
Democratizing low-carbon transportation, easily accessible for everyone.
Carbon Project Logo

Carbon Project

Our carbon projects help mitigate the release of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and at the same time improve the livelihood of people around the community.
You can take actions to offset unavoidable GHG emissions & reduce your environmental impact.
JejakVerse Logo


JejakVerse is a digital world platform built in to show you the whole visual of programs you find in the app.
It allows you to walk around, explore, and see activities carried out in the digital World just as how we do, in the real world.
Meet Our Team!
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Arfan Arlanda
Sudono Salim
Andreas Djingga
Kenji Kusuma
Chief of Sustainability and
Climate Change
Haris Iskandar
Tech Architecture
Eko Kurniawan Khannedy
Tokenomics, Marketing, Strategy
Nanda Ivens
Investment, Strategy
Teguh Kurniawan Hermanda
Blockchain, Strategy
Chung Ying

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